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Accent Reduction for Improved Communication

If you are someone working in a native English speaking workplace yet your first language is not English, you might want to ask if accent reduction is really beneficial, or if it really works.

If you are working on accent reduction, the first thing to do is to do get a comprehensive English pronunciation assessment. With the assessment results you will know where your weakness is when it comes to vowels, consonants, and stress. By concentrating on your weaknesses, you can work on accent reduction quickly. When you work hard on your weaknesses first, then it will have faster result than taking the whole English pronunciation course. Accent reduction can be acquired in a short time if you work hard starting on your weaknesses first. The benefit may not be a perfect English accent but the ability to analyze, modify and reduce your accent. If you work hard at accent reduction you will make great improvements. Reducing your accent can’t be achieved in a night.

Is there anything wrong with an accent? What can we benefit from accent reduction? The answer to these questions depend on 2 things, that is, confidence and clarity. People who have confidence and speak clearly can greatly be understood by those around him and thus have no need for accent reduction. But if they want to improve on their accent,then they can do so for self-improvement purposes. You will know if you are speaking clearly by observing how others respond to the way you communicate with them. You are not getting through to your listeners if they keep on asking you to repeat what you are saying. When this happens, it shows that what you are telling them is not being said clearly and that is why they want you to repeat it.

Discovering The Truth About Tips

You can use textbooks, CD s or online tutorials to help you with your goals of accent reduction. Some other helps that you can use are tips from blogs and websites with assessment offered to check on your progress, MP3 audio recordings and something that you can use to listen to how you speak with feedback on the side. YouTube also offer many teachers and coaches when it comes to accent reduction tutorials. If you have a smart phone, you can download apps that give accent lessons, which you can study wherever you go whenever you want to. Watch as many English TV shows or listen to English radio stations, and try to copy how they speak. You can also make friends and socialize and pick up how they pronounce words as well as their slang and idioms. It is good to self study at home because you can save on cost, but if you want an intensive training then studying with a tutorial is beneficial. Ultimately, it is really only hard work and self-motivation that can help us achieve our goals of accent reduction.

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