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How to Eliminate Pests in Your Home

If you want to rid your home of pests, you should get rid of their homes, first of all. Make sure that you don’t leave food items around because this is an invitation for pests to come and get the food available for them. Keep them away in sealed packages or stack them in the refrigerator. Debris should be wiped or swept away and if there are crevices, make sure that crumbs or grease are taken out from it. An open dog food bag keeps the pests in your home. If you leave your pet food it should be put in a shallow pan filled with water to keep pests from eating them. Taking out their food source is the best way to eliminate pests.

Get rid of their sources of water too. Check for areas where there is excess moisture. You need to check under your sink, in showers, hot water heaters, air conditioning units, and other places. Eliminating these water sources will leave pests with no water and thus leave the place. Gutters with accumulated decomposing leaf matter should be cleaned regularly.

IF you can find the home of the pest, get rid of it. IF there are storage areas in your home, check if there are homes of pests in them. Check your garage and attic especially if there are cardboard storage boxes. Since they can nibble on cardboard and make it their home, you should replace your cardboard storage boxes to plastic ones.

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If there are branches and plants that are sticking to your house, then you should cut them down or trim them. Cutting the branches and plants to about 2 feet away from your home will prevent them from using these limbs from coming inside your home.

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Seal up every point where pests can enter your home. One quick and cheap sealant is foam sealant in a can. If you want to keep out pests you can weather strip your doors and windows, which will also help improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Get rid of your pesticide if it fails to eliminate pests in your home. Understand pesticides and how they work. Learn how to use the pesticide and make sure you get one that eliminates the kind of pests you have in your home.

When you have done everything and have not made any progress, you can hire a pest control service provider that is licensed, insured and bonded. To protect yourself from these pest control professional services, make sure that they are licensed and insured. It is best if your hire a pest control company that is a member of any industry related organization or consumer protection organization.

If you already have a pest control provider do not use other pest control products or it can contaminate the products that they are using.