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What You Can Do With Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is by far the frequently used image editing application across the world. Well, it is mainly because of the reason that it’s offering extremely powerful and effective editing tools at a reasonable price. And just one of the known editing tools that it possess is image masking or a process that is consisting of background removal. With this being said, you can change the wall behind you to almost anything that you can think of. No one will be able to spot the differences if this is done perfectly.

As a matter of fact, there are tons of image masking techniques that could be used but just one of the most used and well known technique is referred as clipping path. Using the Photoshop’s pen tool is how this can be carried out. The use of such feature allows them to take an object from the photo and make it a standalone one to an expert. You may place that object to another image that you want and in case that the end result isn’t according to what you expect, you can enhance the quality of the image by means of adding feather effects or filters to smoothen its edges.

You will be able to create a selection by way of dragging the pen tool around edges of your subject. All remains is cutting the image and pasting it to an empty canvas after the said selection is through. The empty canvas is going to be a new image without background or any other elements. Save the photo with an extension name .psd and you can use it to any projects you are working on.

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Making multiple clipping paths and split a certain image to layers is only a simple thing to advanced users of the software. You have the ability to create website to head, footer, body and widget layers to give you an example. Save this with a .psd file and there you go, you could make a website of your own. You should learn some coding skills as well but you can hire some freelancers who can do the necessary adjustments in exchange for a small price. Having the image to express what you are intending to is much more of a trial and error process. Yes you will be able to get there but with several attempts.

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In case that you find this technique to be too time consuming or too difficult, there’s nothing wrong to ask for help. You can find so many experts online and there are lots of photo editing sites online that are offering help for a nominal fee.