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How HR Can Develop Leaders

The Human Resource Department of a company is responsible in people management that includes monitoring and developments. Employee development would simply mean developing the employee into his maximum capacity and efficiency. The HR consulting agencies are the ones who are responsible for the selection and assessment of the company’s employees. The CEO of an organization even participates and promotes such development exercise in order to find potential leaders that will lead the company in the future. Now the real question is, how do you select a potential leader through assessment?

It is a fact that there more employees that you can consider to be a potential leader someday. That is why it is the job of the human resource to funnel these employees through a systematic approach of talent management wherein skills, motives and competencies are measured and distinguished from one another in order to end up with the superior one.

One way is to conduct activities that will be subdivided in various categories to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the employee. You can even conduct mini competition that will attract those that do well in marketing or those that do well in analytical aspects or in numbers. Certain criteria are set in for easier assessment of the employees.

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Therefore, you will be able to determine the HR competency model that will measure the leadership qualifications your company is looking for that is also aligned in the overall vision of the company and its economic value. There is also a need for HR to coordinate properly with the heads of the company’s various departments to talk about the competency model and help in identifying what is a superior employee and an average employee.

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These are the questions brought out:

Once the talent is identified, how do we develop it?

Who will be responsible for their training?

How will they determine that they already achieved something?

What will be the approved criteria for the assessment of the employee’s performance?

What will be the role of the human resource during this process?

For the human resource department, this will mean a big challenge for them especially when the big bosses are This will mean a ladder challenge to the human resource group because the CEO and operations manager are getting involved in the issue. The top management’s involvement will give them an advantage over their competitors.

Having a Human Resource team will help in seeing a better picture of what a superior performance really means. A good performance is now measured objectively instead of being subjective or judgmental in ratings. The CEO and heads should agree with the basis of key result areas and performance so as to choose the right candidate.