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What are the Advantages of Sending Kids to an Independent School?

Every parent wants their kids to be prepared to face the world in the future, and this is the reason why they choose to enroll their children in independent schools. The following article gives you the advantages of putting your children in an independent school and why it is worth the money that you pay for it.

Because of the numerous programs available for your children in independent schools, they have more opportunities to experience challenges in their school life. Most of these programs focus of developing the child as a whole person which cannot be found in public schools. Results of standardized tests and college entrance exams reveal that a majority of the top spots belong to students from independent schools who, when they reach college, are able to choose the university of their choice also.

Independent schools have smaller class sizes which makes the average student perform better on academic achievement tests. Being in a small class helps a child to gain more. In a small class, it is easier to help weak students and encourage their strengths.

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One other benefit of having your children in independent schools is that you are encouraged to get involved in their community and to constantly communicate with them. There are regular parent-teacher meetings, parent breakfasts, family camping weekends, fund raising initiatives, etc. In this way a child’s education is not separated from his/her family life. Strengthening family bonds is achieved this way.

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Teachers in independent schools are known to be dedicated in their work. They are not only highly qualified, they are also very passionate about their work. Most of them have advanced degrees in their fields. Teachers become the role models of the students who have developed a close relationship with them. With a small class size, teachers are more readily available to provide extra help to the students or to further challenge them.

Discipline and respect are greatly enforced in independent schools, with very high standards. Because of its small size, it is very effective when it comes to observing and controlling the school. Because there are close relationships in the school, there is nothing to encourage bad behavior. Bad, dangerous behavior is not encouraged in a school with a strong sense of community. Being in a safe school environment allows children to have a better educational experience and achievement. When discipline is instilled in the minds of the students, they will bring it with them even beyond the school walls when take post-secondary education because this will help them take control over their class attendance and their achievements.

Although independent schools focus in academics, they are have a strong focus on participating in extracurricular activities like sports, music, arts, or clubs.