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A Guide to Heater and AC Repair

It is very frustrating for people to have heater and AC problems especially at times when we need them most. It is not wise to solve the problems ourselves, but the better option is to hire the services of a heater and AC repair technician who can help solve our system problems. However, there are some things that we need to know before hiring the services of these professionals.

Thermostat problems are common with heater and AC units and that is why you should consider this possibility Thermostat is the instrument that can regulate the temperature in your room and determines how cool or how warm your home should be during the day and night.

Bimetallic strips are found in old thermostats that can operate it. When this coil expands or contracts, the thermostat turns the system on or off. Other thermostats come with mercury switches and the bimetallic strip to control the room temperature. But over time, these switches wear out and it will seem that our air condition or furnace has stopped working.

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In newer models, there are digital sensors in electronic thermostats responsible for monitoring room temperature. In time these sensor can become dirty and wear out too. When the digital sensor starts to malfunction, sometimes it has nothing to do with your air-conditioning or heater. Only the thermostat has stopped working.

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To allow air to move from your air-conditioner or heater into the different rooms, the ductwork is put in place. Calling an AC and heater repair technician is necessary if there are problems with the ductwork. This ductwork can crack and leak. It can encourage mold growth and it can spread to your ceilings and walls. Connections which are not properly sealed or connected can be the cause of system problems. Rust, rodents, and improper insulation will be the problems you will be facing. A technician is needed to service the problems that will arise from this situation.

IF your heat pump does not work, you also need a technician to look into it. It may be cycling on and off often or it may not cool your house anymore. This problem is best dealt with by a professional repair technician. When the temperature goes from cold to warm, sometimes the problem can be solved by resetting the unit. Turning the breaker off and then on can help solve this problem. The best thing to do is to have regular maintenance with your units.

If you own an AC for cooling your home, the common problems you will encounter are with your compressor. If there is something wrong with the compressor, your air conditioner will not blow cold air into the room.

Your air-conditioning and furnaces should be serviced regularly to ensure that it is working properly.