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Handling Injuries Caused by Public Vehicle Accidents

Sometimes, you may have boarded a public passenger vehicle such as a bus and it gets involved in an accident where you are injured badly. You can get a fair settlement with the help of a lawyer when you are injured in the bus you may have boarded. The company in charge of the passenger vehicle you may have boarded will have to compensate you for the injuries you sustained. However, your case will be somewhat different from the usual injury cases in the following ways:

Public Passenger Vehicles Law
In any accident case, the attorney must prove that a party was responsible for the injury for you to be compensated. When it comes to public vehicles, things are a little different. There are various passenger carrier laws that public transport vehicles are subject to. Public vehicles passengers are accorded a greater degree of safety under the laws than those in private vehicles. Drivers who carry passengers in public vehicles must adhere to higher safety standards.

To be compensated for an accident that happened in a public vehicle, your lawyer will have to prove your injuries resulted due to the negligence of the drive or the company operating the vehicle. For example, you can ask to be compensated if your injuries occurred due to the vehicle swerving or stopping suddenly while you were in it. If this accident happened because the bus driver was talking to another passenger at the time, then you would have a case against either against the driver or the bus company. The reason you would have a case is because, under common carrier law, bus drivers are not supposed to talk to anyone while driving.

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Filing Your Claim
If you have a claim, you must file it within your state’s statutes of limitations.

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For example, there is a specific duration within which you must inform the company in charge of the vehicle about your accident. Sometimes, you may have a shortened deadline to file a lawsuit against the transportation company. For example, Los Angeles residents have one year to file a claim. Failure to do so can make you ineligible for compensation even if you were badly injured.

It is advisable to get an experienced personal injury attorney to help you with the deliberations for compensation with the attorneys of the company responsible for your injuries. When you contact an attorney, he will first check to see whether the statute of limitation is still valid for your case. The next step will be to ensure there is enough evidence for your case such that it will be easier to get compensation.