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Important Information Regarding Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a kind of procedure that will reshape the nose. With this surgery, you will be able to make the nose larger or smaller depending on what you want to achieve. Such process can be cosmetic but you can opt for this when you have an existing medical problem with your nose. You can choose to have this procedure if you are going to correct indentation, bumps as well as defects on the nose.

When you like the nose to be made smaller, the surgeon can make cuts inside the nostrils in order to reach the cartilage and the bone. This is called closed rhinoplasty and you won’t notice any scar after the procedure. Moreover, the procedure doesn’t take a long time and there is lesser swelling and with this, there will be a faster recovery. When the surgeon cannot go for closed rhinoplasty, one will opt for the open version. In such procedure, the surgeon would remove and rearrange bone to change the nose’s shape.

When you would like to have a bigger nose, the surgeon would cut inside or between the nostrils to achieve the reshaping of cartilage and the bone. In order to build up the nose, the surgeon would use an extra bone or cartilage. The cartilage is usually taken out of the ears and the bone is taken out from the skull, the hip or the elbow. Also, the surgeon may use artificial implants but it is recommended that you go for the bones or cartilage in order to reduce the risk of infection.

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Following surgery, you can expect to have splints in the nostrils to keep the nasal bones in place. The bandages will be removed after a week. Aside from this, your face can feel puffy and also the area around the eyes and nose will be swollen and bruised for several days. Also, your head must be elevated and is kept still after the surgery. Before you perform those strenuous activities, you should rest for a few weeks.

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When it comes to the cost of rhinoplasty, you should know that it ranges from three thousand to eight thousand dollars. The price will actually depend on where the surgery is don like in the surgeon’s office or the hospital. So that risks are eliminated, then you have to make sure that you go for a surgeon who is experienced enough. Rhinoplasty is a fantastic procedure for the medical condition or to enhance your looks. There are many sources that you will find online so that you can get a better understanding about this procedure before going for it.