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Unusual Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Older males are somewhat likely to develop erectile dysfunction, but the exact cause can be one of many different things. Erectile dysfunction can be defined as a man being unable to have an erection, or lacking the ability to ejaculate. It is a problem that can have a substantial negative effect on one’s self esteem, leading to stress and depression in normally healthy individuals. Some believe that it simply comes with age. Even so, there are many more possible causes that one should be aware of. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, here are a few unusual factors that may be the cause behind it.

A cure for one’s medical issues is often prescribed medication, which can sometimes have adverse effects on that person’s health. The list of side effects that comes alongside most medications is common knowledge at this point. Medications that affect one’s blood flow are known to cause impotence in men at times. Certain medications that intrude on the performance of the nervous system can be the cause of erectile dysfunction. More research can be done on the medication you are prescribed to see if it could be the culprit. Even so, no matter what you find out, consult your doctor before spontaneously quitting your prescribed medication.

One’s ability to achieve and maintain an erection can be influenced by cardiovascular issues. Your heart is the driving force behind the transportation of blood throughout your body. One’s member can experience problems if the heart is having issues. Some men are unable to achieve an erection because of their problems with cholesterol or hypertension.

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One’s ability to become erect can be negatively impacted by their lifestyle choices, or by mental health disorders. Depression and anxiety have been associated with a heightened chance of impotence. Erectile dysfunction can come about as a result of one’s performance anxiety as well. They might then worry during future sexual encounters that they will not be able to perform, resulting in a self fulfilling prophecy. Erectile dysfunction can also be a result of substance abuse.

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Though some may have not heard of these particular causes, they are more normal than one would think. Communicating with your doctor about your impotence is the most important step you can take towards recovery. Prescription medication might be involved, or simply a change in one’s lifestyle. Remember to be open with your doctor, so that the root of the problem can be identified, and resolved.