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How to Best Manage Erectile Dysfunction the Natural Way

Erectile dysfunction affects more than 30 million men in the United States. This is a condition where the man cannot achieve or maintain an erection during sexual performance. Reduced sexual desire and libido are some of the symptoms that the man will exhibit. Relationship issues, stress, fatigue and performance anxiety are some of the issues that lead to erectile dysfunction.

The doctors will diagnose you with erectile dysfunction if the condition lasts more than a few weeks or months. Usually, the standard treatments will include vacuum pumps, implants, surgery and pharmaceutical medications. However, there are some natural options that you can explore to improve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. It is important that you see a doctor because erectile dysfunction can be a sign of additional health problems.

You will need to make major lifestyle changes as one of the natural treatments for erectile dysfunction. Some of the changes include exercising, losing weight, reducing alcohol intake and also cutting on smoking. You are advised that you go for the natural treatments because they do not have side effects that the pharmaceutical products have.

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Ginseng is one of the natural treatments that is recommended and is also known as herbal Viagra. If this is administered daily for three months in the prescribed dosages, you will find that the condition has substantially improved. There is a natural hormone called dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). If a man has low concentrations of this hormone, they will likely have erectile dysfunction which is normally produced by the adrenal glands. The result of being administered with small dosages of the hormone is that you will be able to achieve and sustain an erection for longer.

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The amino acid found in the body and is responsible for making nitric oxide is called the L-arginine. A successful erection is usually facilitated by the nitric oxide. The sexual ability will improve for most of the people that have been administered with nitric oxide over a period of three months. The other available natural remedy for erectile dysfunction is acupuncture. The quality of erections can be improved as well as get better sexual activity from the solution.

The other treatment that you can go with is including zinc supplements for the men that are low in zinc. The best treatment plan for you should be suggested by your doctor because they are in a good position to advise you according to your medical history. It is important to know that erectile dysfunction is completely treatable and you should not be stressed about it rather follow the above recommended steps. If you adapt a healthier lifestyle, the better the condition will be.