Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Irons? This May Help

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Knowing the Proper Use of Curling Irons

Getting to have sleek straight hair had been the popular trend now.

But it is also important to know that curly tops never really go out of style. These curly locked hairs had been with us for a very long time which is why it cannot be just simply removed from the people’s lives, even though it is not anymore that popular now. If you wanted to use curling irons to have that gorgeous set of curly lock hairs, then you have found yourself in the right spot, because yo are going to learn a lot of things here.

Choosing the best curling iron If you would say curly, it means that it may either be the big waves, slight waves, big curls and tight curls, to name a few of them. Purchasing your own curling iron means that you should know the kind of hair curl that you wanted to have. You should use a curling iron that has a two-inch diameter if you wanted your hair to have big waves.

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Wrapping your hair around the iron would then produce this kind of curl. If you wanted your hair to have nice and soft waves, you should then use slightly smaller curling iron that is one and a half inches in diameter.

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Having an iron with a size of three quarters to one inch in diameter is needed if you wanted to have large curls. Spraying a small section with mousse before wrapping them in the iron would really help your hair. If you wanted your hair to have tight curls, then you should have a small iron that is only three eights in diameter. This would be effective in having a ringlet effect.

Having to use a curling iron

Step 1 – Thoroughly dry your hair.

If you curl your hair on iron with wet hair, this may result in fried and dried hair.

Step 2 – Divide your hair into sections.

Starting on the crown is needed if you have short hair.If you are having hair that is medium or long in length, what you should so is start at the back.

Step 3 – Commence at the tip of your hair, roll the curling iron until it is about one inch from the scalp of your head.

Sliding a comb between the iron and your scalp would make sure that it does not touch your scalp.

Step 4 – Holding it in place for roughly ten seconds.

Gently open the curling iron when you want to release the curl. Do the whole process again for the rest of the hair sections.

Step 5 – Cool your hair for some time and spray it with holding spray to keep the curling look.

Getting to follow these simple steps would surely make your curling process effective and safe.