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Popular Scholarship Misconceptions

A good number of students apply for scholarships. This does not mean that those who do not are not interested in the scholarships. Most of those left out miss the chance because of myths and misconceptions surrounding scholarships awards. The following are some of the common misconceptions that surround scholarships in general regardless of your locality.

Only high academic performers qualify for scholarship

Unlike what people believe, scholarships are awarded to both high and average performing students. Furthermore, certain scholarships are awarded for talent and interest. This includes those awarded for excellence in sports, music, arts and community services. Furthermore, even when the GPA aspect is used in the application process it is only one part of the process. In some cases, the applicant requires a minimum score to qualify for the scholarship and any progress thereafter will not affect the application.

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Long list of extracurricular activities is needed

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Scholarships focus more on quality rather than quantity just as it is in other life spheres. On the contrary, scholarship winners devote themselves to a specific activity rather than engaging in countless activities that you have no real interest in. To win a scholarship you need to be able to communicate who you are through extracurricular activities rather than come up with a long list of activities that add no value to you as an individual.

Scholarship contests are fair for all

This is not often true since each scholarship contest has its own biases. This is not to discredit the judgment process and make them appear unjust but it only means that some parts of the contests lean towards specific sides thus favoring a specific type of contestants and thus unfair.

College application and scholarship applications are similar

This is another myth that is commonly put forth. The truth is that scholarship applications are more competitive in nature as they require applicants to fight for the few available slots head on as opposed to college applications that could have more slots for students. For this reason, students that devise techniques that set them apart from their competitors usually have a distinct advantage.

Your scholarship award rests on previous record of accomplishment

This myth is misleading as it tends to let applicants relax after the applications yet what happens immediately after the application is just as important as the activities before. It does not matter how long you have before the scholarship period elapses. Take advantage of content strategies to improve your odds.