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Important Things to Know About Aviation or Aircraft Refuelers

In handling the fuel used for the aircraft, this should be done in the right way and according to the local airport safety regulations and guidelines. When this is not done correctly, then the results can be devastating to you and to other people. You should always remember that the aircraft fuel is combustible. Burning the AVgas is just useful when being used inside the engine and attempting to rotate the propeller.

When an aircraft is just left parked outside, thieves become tempted to steal the fuel due to the present fuel costs. It is great decision if you make a small investment of purchasing and using the lockable fuel caps to keep the fuel thieves at bay.

You should also not go wrong when refueling and ensure that you use the right type of fuel. The AVgas or those gasoline engines are not made or designed to use diesel or jet fuel. There are some gas turbine engines which are able to use the AVgas but they have limitations on the temperatures. To know if this is allowed during emergency, then you should read the engine manual.

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Moreover, dealing with the aviation fuel should be done in a safe way and with precautions in mind. Due to the reason that the aircraft refuelers have been exposed in aircraft refueling, they are the best individuals who can do the proper way of doing this or getting the job done. It is quite imperative that the fueling service personnel must follow the regulations and they should be trained when it comes to using the fueling equipment in a safe manner. If the pilot refuels his own aircraft, then these things should be observed.

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One is to check the type and the color of the fuel before the actual delivery. The 100 octane aviation gasoline or the AVgas bears the green color. The 100 octane low lead AVgas has the blue color. The jet fuel is clear but at times it has a very light yellow color. The red diesel has the red color.

When refueling the aircraft, no person must be smoking within 50 feet of the aircraft. Also refueling must be done outside only. Otherwise, a situation can happen wherein the mixture of the air and fuel vapors turn to be very explosive. A spark because of the static electricity can cause the flight to end prematurely.

Also, the aircraft and fueling vehicles or the equipment used must be bonded together so that static electricity which is collected becomes dissipated while refueling. It is imperative that there are nearby fire extinguishers in place. Moreover, the portable electronic devices need to be switched off like pagers, cell phones and radios. When there is a spill, the process of refueling must be stopped and the airport fire department should be informed about this. It is also important to take note that refueling should not be done with passengers on board.