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The Difference Dental Consultancy Brings

Dental consultants are experienced in providing valuable insights and input on network issues; dental claim policy and standards of care; as well as dental plan coverage and utilization management. These professionals train and motivate staff; help devise schedule and supply streamlining procedures; develop unique, comprehensive marketing strategies; or assist dentists in understanding regulatory requirements. Consultants facilitate improvement goals definition and setting timelines for goals achievement. The range of consultant recommendations could involve ways of modifying billing and collection procedures to installing computer systems. A dental consultant advances education, identifies and encourages best practices, and also promotes a common foundation of knowledge for consistent evidence-based plan and claims evaluation. A dental consultant caters primarily to dental practitioners but may also serve patients, the public and purchasers of healthcare benefits through competent, consistent and ethical decision-making.

Dental practitioners would have had gone thru formal education, obtained licensure and certification, and accumulated years of practice experience. What drives them to engage a consultant? As in any form of practice, the “broad stroke” answer would be the benefit of invaluable outside perspective a consultant can provide. Sports coaches may not have excelled at playing, but they have a knack for spotting execution flaws and creating strategies to drive improvement in someone’s game. Dental consultants not only have a similar talent but get trained and certified to find weak spots, outline a vision, set tangible goals and give clients the tools to implement and assist their clients to stick to improvement strategies.

A dental consultant is aware everyone has gaps between what they know and what they do. He “holds up a mirror” to the client so the client can become aware of these gaps. The consultant facilitates quantification of these gaps and the assessment of the gaps’ negative consequences. The consultant highlights the advantages that accrue from resolving these gaps. He thereby elicits the desire to close these gaps. Successful consultancy is focused on making a client see what the client is losing, how these are holding the client back, and what things could be like.

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An effective consultant knows that the consulting process must be “high-energy at the beginning to overcome inertia”. He convinces a client that “the biggest effort must always be expended in the beginning” if people are to change and become open to new ideas. He can capitalize on the resulting momentum, as the first new results of the consulting process take hold, and apply that energy to the next area of focus.

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The worth of consultant, though, commences with the client’s putting a stake into the consulting effort. Once a client has “skin in the game”, there is an expectation of results which sets up the framework for the consultant’s coaching job to effectively change mindset. Client commitment to the process enables the consultant to become the catalyst towards beneficial change.