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Home Just Feels More Right with a Pool

Pools are one of the most sought after home improvements, and they add significant resale value to your house. Everyone would love to have a pool in the back during the unrelenting heat of the Summer. Now, pools are more affordable than ever, and owning a pool is not just for the wealthy anymore. Pools come in all types and there is certainly a pool out there that will fit your budget. The high costs associated with building a swimming pool sometimes make it a better idea to purchase a home with a preexisting pool.

Best and Worst Swimming Pools

The average home is likely to feature one of the following pools. Usually, the pool is in-ground, but that is not always the case. Here are a few of the different types of pools you might encounter.

Understanding Properties

You will usually find two types of above ground pools. The less favored type of pool is the above ground pool. Above-ground pools are generally the cheapest and less durable. It is highly unlikely that your home will come with an above-ground pool because they are temporary and homeowners typically toss them out, or put them away after Summer. Besides, there are better options if you are specifically looking for a house with an added pool. The second type of pool is the fiberglass pool. Though these pools are above-ground, they are more durable and generally surrounded by a deck.

Getting Creative With Houses Advice

In contrast, the in-ground pool has much more aesthetic value, as well as financial value. Similarly, there are a few varieties of in-ground pools you’ll encounter on your typical house hunt. However, it is generally a better idea to purchase a house with a pool than have it installed yourself.

In ground pools come in three different variations. In-ground pools are found in three varieties that are much more durable. When viewing houses, you’ll typically come across three different varieties of in-ground pools. The vinyl-lined pool is the cheapest in-ground pool. These pools are the cheapest, and the liner must be replaced every ten years. Concrete and cement mixtures are much more durable. The gunite pool is the most popular pool design in the United States. The pool’s durability is from its steel framework and the use of gunite, a sand and cement mixture. The most durable pools are made of concrete, but are quite expensive.

Pools are Great Investments

Buying a house that already has a pool is a much better decision than building your own pool. The costs of building a pool are fairly high, and a house with a pool already installed means that you don’t have to make the initial investment. If you are thrifty, pool maintenance can be quite cheap, negating the common complaint of upkeep. Even the costs of maintenance, which are generally quite high, can be kept down if you are thrifty. It is generally much cheaper to buy a house with a pool rather than having that pool you’ve always wanted built.