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LMS: The Support for eLearning

Today many employees and students are trained and taught online with the learning tools. Many students and employees around the world are using eLearning methods to educate themselves. Users and learners using eLearning are already increasing all over the world. With the popularity of eLearning these days, there has to be system put in place to monitor and to assess the progress of each trainee.

The Learning Management System or LMS is the answer to this need. The tasks that this software application, the LMS, is geared at doing are tasks like administrative, documentation, reporting and tracking of training program, eLearning programs, and training courses. In short, LMS organizes, delivers the training, and reports progress.

We can view LMS as the assistants of eLearning. With LMS students are managed and their progress and performance are recorded. LMS performs other tasks including administrative ones and reporting tasks.

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LMS has other functions aside from the ones stated above.

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With LMS, students are provided with a time plan for the courses they are to take. Courses for university and college students are set at longer periods of time. Schedules can last for several weeks to a few months if the courses requires it. However, with corporate courses, the time frame is short. Sometimes it can be completed in a single session with an instructor or done online.

Students and trainees are guided through an effective learning path so that they can meet the requirements of the course program.

Messaging and notifications are used to update students which is another interactive characteristic of the system. The system keeps in touch with their students in this manner. They are given updates on the upcoming tests, activities, and reports on their progress.

The statistical record of the trainee is compared before getting the training program and after completing it. Their progress is monitored in a step-by-step fashion.

Scores, transcripts, and test assessments are displayed by the Learning management systems. User progress is shown with corresponding analysis.

Learning management systems evaluates course work. When the roster is being processed, it also creates a waiting list for students.

With learning management systems you can take web-based as well as blended courses.

Technological advancement has provided us with more user-friendly application software. With eLearning we were offered new teaching and training methods in education and with the support of the Learning Management system there was provided an efficient way of teaching students and training employees unlike the tradition training centers and schools.