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Dentist Services: Get a Smile Makeover

Do you think your teeth are unattractive and they destroy your overall appearance? And as luck would have it, we have these amazingly talented dentists who will help us with this kind of problem. And by smile makeover, we are able to change the way we really look and in the end, the way we are seeing ourselves. In this contemporary period, things are already improving and advancing and same goes with dentistry, hence, dentists can use these new techniques and advancements to enhance your facial features especially your teeth.

And if you are worried with your discolored, chipped or broken teeth, or even the gaps between them, this problem can easily be solved by the professional dentists. In addition, an appealing gummy smile can be solved for you to show lesser gums and teeth when you smile.

Here are a number of famous procedures that are offered by dentists.

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1. Tooth whitening. Many consider this cosmetic dental procedure as the most admired one because its results can be achieved instantly and dramatically. And it is certain that you will look younger and more vibrant if your teeth is a little whiter than before.

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2. Dental bonding. A professional dentist take advantage of a composite resin so as to cover up or restore the parts of teeth that are discolored or chipped. The resin will attach to the teeth giving it a natural appearance. Your teeth will stay all together if you will not bite hard or do anything that could damage it.

3. Porcelain crown. Generated from a hard-wearing substance, it is fitted into your damaged teeth just like a crown or cap giving your teeth its original shape and size. As a result, the gap in your teeth caused by decay or fracture will be filled out. They appear and feel just like your natural teeth and are incredibly durable and long-lasting.

4. Bridges. They are used so as to satiate the gap due to missing tooth. These are actually false teeth that are positioned well by the bridge that is affixed to it on both sides of the gap. And since a missing tooth or teeth can sunk your cheek, you will look a lot older than you are.

5. Porcelain teeth. Composed of slim shells of porcelain, they are utilized to cover up our discolored teeth. They are normally chosen by a great deal of people because they only cause small damage to the current teeth.

Be sure to be open with your dental problems to your dentist and see the options that are more applicable to your condition.