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Why You May Need a Copier Repair

Regardless whether it is in the business, education or government sector, office operations can really bog down when a copier, printer or document scanner malfunctions. Users complain about very poor printout quality, paper jams, or of having blinking error messages. Usually, people just bear with the inconvenience, either by re-starting the machine, checking the paper tray to clear jams and re-do the activity all over. But when the problem keeps on recurring, a repair service company is called in.

Copier repair service companies are engaged when there is need for troubleshooting and/or maintenance of office copying, printing and/or scanning equipment so these equipment can properly operate. They work on table top, medium size or full console copier types; and inkjet or ribbon style printers and facsimile (fax) machines. Work on equipment like laminators, coil binders and punches, drills and cutters is also done by these companies. They service a wide range of brands and normally have equipment parts replacement supply arrangements with brand dealers. Services are usually charged on an hourly basis taking into account the length of servicing time required, location, equipment brand, size and features. Client satisfaction is achieved thru the copier repair and/or maintenance technicians the company employs. Supply and installation of required equipment replacement parts is also facilitated by the service company. When the repair takes longer, some companies provide an operational unit in the interim, until the repair of the malfunctioning unit is completed, so as not to unduly hamper office operations. In this situation, the defective units could be pulled out to the service company’s facilities for further repair work.

The service technician conducts diagnostic tests and interprets the results to determine the cause of malfunction. The problem may need correction by cleaning ink nozzles, replacement of toner cartridges, oiling mechanical parts, or the replacement of worn-out components. A more comprehensive analysis of the problem and speedier repair is normally effected by the technician by interacting with users to understand how errors or failures occurred.

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Offices today now adopt copiers, printers and scanners that optimize use of advances in digital technology. The scanner and laser printer are now integrated in digital copying. This results to automatic image quality enhancement. Digital copying also allows users to “build jobs” (i.e., scan pages independently of the printing process). Digital copiers can become hi-speed scanners, with some models able to send documents via email or making these connectable to file servers. These digital copiers require more computerized components. This consequently requires the servicing company and its technicians to be able to possess the necessary skills, equipment and software to effectively perform machine repair and maintenance.

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Many offices now pursue a culture that tends to rely on less distribution of actual pieces of paper with the use of digital document creation, storage and distribution. Obsolescence of copiers and/or printers my still be a long way off, though. While copiers/printers are in use, there will always be a need for companies (and their technicians) to provide the required repair and maintenance service for these equipment.