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What are the Advantages of Private Golf Courses?

Golf seems to be a great comfort to people who would like to play and today it is available to everyone and anyone unlike before where only the elite is allowed to play golf. The thing that bothers many golfers is if they will play golf in public courses or join a private golf club. You can choose any from the two choices as long as you are comfortable. There are pros and cons in joining a private golf club or playing in public golf courses.

Public golf course

A golfer who does not regularly play golf is more ideal to play in public golf courses. What is the sense in paying every month for your membership and it just does not get used? If you don’t play more than once a week over then a public course would probably make more economic sense. Public courses usually has different courses unlike private courses where you just play in the same eighteen holes over and over again.

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Private golf courses

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The biggest advantage of private clubs over public courses is that golfers could have more privacy and could also have access to the clubs facilities. Besides, less people means less waiting time. Playing in a private course is best for golfers who plays one or two or more times in a week. More money would probably be saved in the long run in paying a set amount of money each month on membership, than to pay fifty to one hundred dollars for every round.

A private club is very appealing to golfers because of the social atmosphere. Playing golf in the same and well known course with your friends is not the only advantage that you could get in playing in private courses, you could also meet new people who has the same interest. Private clubs is great for networking and creating good connections. Private clubs host weekly leagues and member tournaments that are fun. This is a great way in making new friends Some leagues even have events where you can play at other courses against players from different courses. There is not that much damage in a private course since the playing time is limited. Another good thing about private clubs is that it offers activities for golfers and for non golfers such as your family members.There are a lot of golfers who prefers to join private clubs because of they have complete golfing amenities, excellent ground conditions and they have a higher level of challenges.

Depending on what you are looking for, and how much money you are willing to spend, both private and public clubs have their pros and cons.