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Various Kinds of Self Defense Products

As a man, at one time or another you will have the need to defend yourself from harm or predators, both animal and human. Even in the early days, man used stick and stone to protect himself from harm from enemies, whether animals or other humans. Through invention and innovation, there have come up several other sophisticated weapons that are used in the modern day.

You find that these self-defense products come in various categories, some of which are legal in all regions of the world, and others which have been placed restrictions on. You should therefore take the initiative to find out if a certain product is legal in your state before you can purchase it so that you do not end up getting yourself in trouble with the law.

One common example of the self-defense products is the lethal product. Just to mention the lethal products examples, firearms and handguns are the major weapons in this category. One is required to take the necessary training in using these products before purchasing them, and also complying with the law before owning the product.

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Even a piece of wood can cause harm or death to a person if the striking is hard enough. Handguns are allowed in some countries but in most countries the ownership is very restricted. One has to be licensed to own such a handgun, even though there are quite a number of people who do not obey the law.

A Quick Rundown of Weapons

Less than lethal category is another type of the self-defense products. It is a category that generally classifies all the weapons that are in between the lethal and the nonlethal self-defense products. One perfect example of a weapon that falls under this category are the batons used in striking your opponent. These batons can be made from different types of materials such as fiberglass, stainless steel, aluminum, or even wood. Majority of the commonly known models are the telescoping batons made of stainless steel, and the gripping is usually made comfortable and easy using foam and rubber for the material. These are the kinds of weapons that have no restrictions in regions and cities across the world.

For striking purposes, you would rather not go for stun batons, but they are great stun devices. Just like stun guns, stun batons also have legal restrictions in majority of the states and cities. Nonlethal products are the other category of the self-defense products and they include personal alarms, the stun devices as well as pepper sprays. The most popular product used for self-defense across the globe is the pepper spray. You can be sure to use the personal alarm legally in any region of the world.