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Aircraft Refuelers: A Quick Guide

Let us keep aircrafts moving in order for it to reach its final destination. To keep it moving, we have to fuel and refuel it. How is it accomplished?

To refuel an aircraft, it is performed on land and another situation while on air.

Have you thought of how a plane is fuelled on land? It is not as easy as fuelling your car. To refuel an aircraft, there are procedures to follow. An airplane’s fuel grade is to be determined first. Next is you determine the quantity of fuel required. The aircraft is connected to the ground wire. Position the ladder near the cap of the fuel tank of a high plane. Then the fuel hose is dragged to as far as needed. The fuel cap is then removed, and fill up the wing tank before filling up the centre tank. After fuelling is done, reinstall the cap and close the panel well. Afterwards, the fuel hose and ground wire are wound up, then make sure the fuel cap is tightly covered.

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There are reminders to follow when refuelling is done. Consciousness of the surrounding while driving the truck, and grounding the truck to the plane are advisable. It is not advisable to drive behind the aircraft while the engines of the aircraft are running, and smoking is not allowed near the fuel truck. Before fuelling, do a water check, and do a round up after completing a plane.

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There are several types of aircraft refuelers. Reliability and easy maintenance , and meeting the standard aerial specifications, are just one of the many requirements of aircraft refuelers.

Airlines have several choices for aircraft refuelers in the world of airlines. Aircraft refuelers can have a range of 750 gallons to 15,000 gallons of container.

It is a male-dominated career in the United States in the aircrafts refuelers job. Claiming a high level of job, work for Aircraft refuelers is fun and satisfying pay wise. Benefits like health and dental are offered to them. Depending on the use, there are commercial, general and military types of aircraft refuelers. Aircraft refuelers can choose from different manufacturers of trucks that will meet their specifications.

Doing refuelling on air is another way of refuelling. For those not familiar, aerial refuelling might be easier than we think. Today, C-130s are use to fuel Boeing Attack helicopters and Large Cargo Type helicopters, even if it pause some danger. It is because the C-130 has to go very slow with its speed while the helicopter is soaring at its high rate of speed. There is a possibility of danger when turbulence occurs at the time when the fully loaded C-130 is in the process of transferring the fuel. Using a slow moving craft that is lighter than air and with very mild and predictable airflows is a way to slow down a C-130 and reduce turbulence.