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Getting a Green Office Design

There has been a huge increase with the number of organizations and companies that opt for green office design while constructing new workplace or remodeling an existing one. Well apparently, such designs are environmentally friendly and is bringing positive effects both on employees and the business. Green designs are influencing different elements of an organization in various ways such as:

Brand – the companies with greener office can connect almost instantly with different consumers in different parts of the globe as there’s been growing tendency among individual to be more environmentally friendly. People who are using handheld devices to send reports, messages or other documents rather than presenting the info on paper at the workplace. Showing genuine commitment to the environment is among the best and most effective ways to build a brand image nowadays. Many consumers prefer brands that are contributing towards greener planet.

Clients – whenever there is a client that is visiting the organization’s office for the first time, their interior will create impression in the mind of the visitor. Interiors that integrated green designs could impress a visitor and make them feel more comfortable. A client always looks for commitment in service provider and office designs with sense of responsibility for the environment.

Employees – the way an office is designed affect the employees. They are spending most of their day staring at their computer and sitting at their work station. Although it might seem to be a minor issue, the office’s temperature could have an impact on their productivity. Air quality indoors has profound effect on the worker’s performance working in the organization.

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Researchers conducting studies on relationship between the quality of air of the workplace as well as its effects on productivity of workforce have resulted to interested findings. According to researchers, some compounds and chemicals that have been found in these building materials may affect the air in office and make the employees feel sleepy and tired.

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Company – in creating healthier work environment, greener office can actually go a long way. Such interiors is capable of increasing productivity, build a foundation to develop an excellent work culture and impress visitors. And with the adoption of green office design, companies may even cut costs onto their monthly electricity bill by making use of natural daylight. With the onset of new technology which redirects sunlight to deliver natural light, offices can have uninterrupted light with just minimal usage of electricity.

There are many other benefits that come with companies that have opted for green designs in their office. In making employees to feel more relaxed and comfortable, workplaces designed like this play a major role.