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Why a Real Accent Reduction Coach Is Better than a CD

As a non-native English speaker who has problems being understood, you’ve probably thought of ways to lose your accent. Maybe you’ve searched the Internet and seen some of those cheap CD’s that promise to help. And maybe you’ve found those live accent reduction coaches as well who are providing classes, but for a more expensive cost. Wondering which is better? Will there really be a difference if you hired a trainer instead of buying a CD? And how much exactly do you need to pay for these classes? Should you or shouldn’t you sign up?

All good questions! It all comes down to that age-old saying that goes, “You get what you pay for.” Those CD kits do have a lot of valuable information that you can use. But they weren’t custom-made for you, so you can’t be sure if they will actually target your particular flaws.

For example, the English language has 51 sounds, but for most non-native speakers, on 10-15 influence your speech. Do you know which ones you need to work on? A qualified speech coach has the knowledge and skills needed to analyze your speech and design a plan that will target only the particular sounds you need.

Besides, with a kit, you won’t have anyone telling you that you saying things right or you still have to improve. In short, to make your accent reduction efforts truly successful, there must be a real person who guides you and tells you whether or not you’re doing it right. If you’d rather have private lessons instead of actually sitting in a classroom, you can arrange a time and venue with a coach, usually at home or in your office, or even on an online video chat service. In some cases, employers will pay trainers for employees who could improve their job performance by reducing their accents.

Learning The Secrets About Classes

Just by searching on the Internet, you can easily find accent reduction trainers in your area. Find someone with a background in speech pathology. The idea is to research information about your prospect so you don’t end up with someone who won’t meet your expectations. Also, don’t focus only on a single trainer. Consider no less than two or three, ask about their rates, read reviews and make comparisons. This will let you know who’s actually the best for you.

Learning The Secrets About Classes

Finally, once you’ve found a coach whom you’re convinced can really help you, stick with him and his program. The accent you have now took years to develop. Don’t think you can change it in five sessions. Sometimes, you will have to work at it for months or for some, even for years. You just have to be consistent and patient. Most importantly, you need to pick the right coach and trust him.