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Exploring the Different Types of RVs

So you’ve made up your mind about RV’ing. Whether you plan to buy brand new or used, first you have to know what the different types of motorhomes there are today. Of course, this is a critical step in choosing an RV that will actually meet your needs.

The good news is you have an entire variety of shapes and sizes of these motorhomes, but it’s easier to understand them by considering the seven basic types they come in:

Class A

The largest and most luxurious of these vehicles are known as Class A motorhomes or conventional motorhomes, as they are also usually called. They are practically your “home away from home” on wheels, fully equipped for all kinds of trips. Class A RVs are constructed on a specially designed motor vehicle chassis.

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Class C

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A Class C motorhome, sometimes called a mini-motorhome, is a scaled down variety of a Class A motorhome, which means it is also cheaper. This RV is supported by an automotive-manufactured van frame that has a cab section attached to it.

Van Conversion

Converted vans, which can also be called Class B motorhomes, are literally vans customized to have bathroom, eating and sleeping facilities. They are obviously smaller in size, but that can be a plus for small weekend getaways.

Pop-up Trailer

True to its name, a pop-up trailer – also called a tent trailer and fold down travel trailer – is a lightweight unit that has collapsible sides for towing and storage.

Truck Camper

A truck camper is a small RV loaded onto or affixed to a pickup truck’s bed or chassis.

Travel Trailer

Travel trailers are RVs created to be towed by a vehicle with the help of a frame or bumper hitch. The travel trailer has all the comforts and conveniences of home, making it also perfect for those weekend family vacations.

Fifth Wheel

Fifth wheel travel trailers are meant to be fastened to and towed by a pickup that has a special hitch in the truck bed. These are two-level units that offer the best livable space of all towed motorhomes. They also offer all the comforts of home and are suitable for short family trips.

All motorhomes that fall in these general categories may have various rig features, depending on their manufacturer and age. As you can probably tell, the prices can also vary dramatically, from a minimum of $5,000 to over 200,000 (the price can reach up to $500,000+ for fully customized rigs)..

If you’re new to the world of motorhomes, you should visit a local dealer to be oriented with the options you have. This is a tiny time investment that can bring great returns as a motorhome owner.