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Planning a Stay-in Movie Date

Whether you’re just starting out in your relationship, or you’ve become too comfortable with each other, cooking up a great date night is always a challenge. One good way to enjoy a date night is to download movies and spend your weekend indoors. You don’t have to spend much but you’ll definitely enjoy that time together. You just have to make sure everything goes smoothly, so you need to plan it well.

First of all you need to prepare the venue. Are you going to have it in the bedroom or in the living room? Next, think of where you’ll get the movies. This is not a big problem nowadays as you can even watch free movies online. Then you have to prepare the movie line-up. This is something that you need to choose carefully.

So here are some tips to help you in selecting your flicks and the genres for that night.

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Learning The Secrets About Films

If your partner is into horror movies, then it’s one good way for you to bond. It’s a chance for you to cuddle up. But above all, it also encourages attraction. Your physical reaction to the scary scenes can be channelled into attraction for the person you’re with. You can set the mood by keeping all the lights off. But just make sure you have all your cozy pillows and a blanket for cuddling up.

But if you want to tone down the mood then you can add a mix of other genres to your selection.

Action movies

A good way to start when you want to watch full movies in marathon is to go for a good action film first. This will get your adrenaline started but not as extreme as a horror movie. A good sound system is the way to go when watching action films.

Comedy movies

You bond undoubtedly gets stronger when you laugh together. This is a very chill choice and you can go for this flick at any stage in the relationship, even at the initial dating stage.

Romantic comedies

Going for rom com is also a safe option. Most girls would enjoy it. But just choose the right film that won’t turn things awkward.

There are a lot of films to choose from but in order to make the best choices, you have to know your partner’s taste. You definitely wouldn’t want him or her yawning all night long.

Finally, you have to pair your movies with good food. Popcorn is certainly a staple. But it can get special if you add more treats. You can pick a theme or buy stuff that are in line with your movie selection. If you want to make it even more special, you can add some decors. But you shouldn’t be too uptight about it. The best tip for a great date night is to enjoy.