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Where to Buy New Bathroom Shutters

Are you looking to buy shutters for your home? If you’re looking for interior window treatment, make sure to research the various styles before you make your purchase. Bathroom shutters specifically need the most consideration. Consider purchasing waterproof, bend resistant, and sleek shutters.

Consider all the colors and fixtures you have in your own bathroom. Get inspired by looking on the internet for interior window ideas.

There are many different materials available for bathroom shutters. Many shutters are made from natural wood while some newer shutters are now made from synthetic material. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of each option. Natural wood is stunning. Natural wood offers a unique grain and many color options with the added benefit of classic beauty. Poplar and basswood trees are often sourced because the wood produced is both beautiful and strong. Wood is a practical choice because it can be painted and repainted many different colors. It is often recommended that the shutters match the interior trim of the home, but any color is suitable. Matching the shutters to your trim is a great way to help the shutters fit in with the decor of the home.

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Wooden shutters are very durable and tend to weigh less their their poly counterparts. Wood is better because you can have larger sized panels. Overweight paneling will sag on the hinges overtime. It’s no wonder wood is a very popular option.

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However, there are some disadvantages to choosing wood as well. Wood is a pricey option and some products may be prohibitively expensive. The upfront cost of wooden bathroom shutters may be too expensive for some people. However, quite often wooden shutters can be found for a reasonable price or even on sale. Be sure to compare prices between the materials.

Many wooden shutters will need to be repainted overtime. All painted surfaces need to be repainted after the passage of time. Under normal conditions, bathroom shutters may need to be painted once every fifteen years.

Poly has many benefits as well. These materials are strong and offer a long-lasting finish. In general, synthetic materials are less expensive their their wooden counterparts. Also, these materials will hold color throughout the lifetime of the product. Additionally, these synthetic options are moisture resistant. Some areas may be more prone to moisture than others. Poly materials are great because, unlike wooden options, they will not warp and can be subjected to high moisture and humid conditions. These materials only offer a small range of color options and tend to be much heavier than wood. ?