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What Can You Get from Micro Drill Presses?

If you are a woodworker, then a large part of your job involves log cutting and hole drilling into the logs. There are tons of tools that can be used for drilling holes. The most used tool to drill holes is hand drill. Hand drill occupies small space and known to be very efficient. But, this have limitations. A handy alternative for hand drill is micro drill press.

Micro drill press allows the changing of speed, depending on what you require. To change the speed, there is a variable-speed motor as well as stepped-up pulley system. So, you can increase and decrease the speed with ease.

The accuracy of micro drill press is one of its benefits that is not present with other tools. While you get some problems getting the right hole size that you want while using the other drilling tools, this micro drill press will sure make it without a hard time. The key element of this tool is its spindle. Using its spindle, you can clamp the wood solidly in the right position. This helps you get the right angle that you need for your hole. A feature depth stop is also available which means that the depth of drilling will not be over than what you need.

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In the hand-held presses, you need to put much effort when drilling on a workpiece, but a minimal energy is required with micro drill press. When it comes to drilling a bigger hole, you can do it easily because it comes with a powerful motor. Without this tool, achieving larger tools will be so hard that you need to use a huge of your energy.

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One of the best thing with micro drill press is making holes which is accurate and angled. This kind of task is not possible when you are using a hand-held type since its bits will easily slide off the course. Even the most intricate shape of a certain object, drilling holes is possible with micro drill press.

Another advantage of this tool is versatility. This is a good tool to be used when you need to sand and hone. A lot of people only thinks that this is perfect for drilling holes in wood pieces, but this can actually be used to make holes in metals too.

Know that this micro drill press is safe to use compared to other drilling tools. The full control of drill bit will depend on you with the use of its variable-speed motor. Also, the clamp will add to its safety because the wood is secured on the table.

All these advantages make it right for you to use a micro drill press.