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3 Tips on Choosing the Right Auto Shop

When looking for a garage, you will come across various estimates. For instance, a job quoted at $2000 may be quoted at $500 in another auto shop. Why do auto shops charge different prices and when should you choose a cheaper option? If you are the one paying the bills, here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing an auto shop.

Word of Mouth Recommendations
When looking for an auto shop, all mechanics you will come across will want you to think they are giving you the best deal. However, if you do not do some research, you may actually be getting a raw deal. One tip you can use to find the best auto shop is to ask your friends and family members for recommendations. Your friends and family members are likely to refer you to auto repair shops that they trust will do a good job. The shop you will be recommended to may be new or have been in the neighborhood for years.

Sometimes, you may be referred to a shop that is family-run.Such shops rely on word-of-mouth marketing to get clients rather than online advertising.

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Cost of Operations
You are likely to pay a higher bill if you take your vehicle to be repaired in an auto shop with many mechanics. The high charges are usually due to the many overheads the shop may have. You may feel confident taking your car to a shop with foremen, managers and front office desk helpers but this usually means you will pay more for them. Moreover, if the shop is charging labor at a high rate, your bill will be quite expensive.

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It’s best to take your car to a shop that does things as laid out in the manuals. Garages and auto repair shops use references guides that estimate the number of hours needed to carry out common repairs. You should be ready to be charged for non-essentials, like removing the door, at some high-end shops.

Get Estimates from Different Companies
The best way to avoid being overcharged is to contact different auto repair shops and ask for estimates. Check whether you can get a better quote than what other shops have given you at the shop you prefer to have your vehicle repaired at.

You should not always choose the cheapest garage, even though you would like to save. In most cases, mechanics who quote way too low may not be ready to do the work as required. Do not gamble the quality of service you will get by choosing a cheap auto shop.

The above are three things you should consider to find the right auto repair shop.