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Things You Should Know About What Makes Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery Different from Each Other

When talking about plastic surgery, it does not mean that it is about cosmetic or reconstructive right away because there are so many reasons why people would undergo such procedure, which is why you should know exactly what makes them both different from each other. You may not see the big difference right off the bat but if you are to check the coverage of your insurance, then chances are that your insurance company does not cover one of which.

To give you a heads up, we will be discussing more about what makes one different from each other so you will be able to choose the right procedure for your needs according to what your insurance covers.

The purpose of these two vary greatly on the goal of the patient because if they are looking to enhance their physical appearance such as breast augmentation, wrinkle removal or tummy tucks, then cosmetic surgery will best fir their goals but if they are looking to have a rhinoplasty surgery to correct their nose or breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, then reconstructive surgery will be for them.

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Another thing that makes them both different from each other is that cosmetic surgeries can be elective while the reconstructive surgery will also depend on the needs and safety of a person’s health because such surgeries could risk their lives. For patients who was in born with a clef, then reconstructive surgery will be their best bet or a cancer patient should also benefit from reconstructive breast surgery for medical reasons.

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Another thing that makes them both very different from each other is that most insurance companies cover only reconstructive surgeries and does not cover cosmetic surgery, reason why you should know what your goals are in order for you to take the right steps prior. The reason behind this is that reconstructive surgery is considered to be a medical necessity and a person’s life could be in vain.

There are also surgeons who only focus on reconstructive surgeries only while there are also other surgeons who focus on cosmetic surgeries only.

But whatever reason is it that you have behind why you seek the need to undergo a specific surgery, it will surely be in your best interest to seek the right surgeon for your needs. Consider checking that they are licensed to perform such operations and have built strong reputation over the years of their service.