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7 Tips to Ensure Your Rental Property Security Deposit is Returned

There are many cases of tenants losing security deposits to landlords or letting agents. Many times, there is no explanation from landlords or letting agents as to why these amounts have been withheld. The main reason why these funds are needed is to cover any costs incurred in repairing damaged sections of the property or its contents that result from tenant’s negligence or outright destruction. They are also meant to cover losses incurred during months that you did not pay rent. Here is a look at some tips to ensure you get your security deposit back when you move out of rental property.

Immediately you move into the rental property, make sure to record its condition and that of its facilities. Use your Smartphone or Tablet to get images of damaged sections of the property, and record them in a document that is also provided to the landlord or letting agent. Doing this is the only way you can avoid being blamed for this damage.

A close look at the terms of the lease agreement is necessary, and very much worth the time. It is worth noting that close to 50 percent of tenants who have lost their security deposits are those who violate one or more of the provisions of lease agreements.

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It is advisable to find out what the laws in your area state regarding security deposits paid to landlords or letting agents. One thing is, however, for sure, landlords or letting agents who do not elucidate their reasons for withholding security deposits violate laws governing their return. This is why you need to talk to a knowledgeable person like a letting agent or lawyer on the matter, so that you are on the safe side.

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Make sure you carry out repairs to the structure of the rental property and its facilities before you move out because your landlord or letting agent has the legal right to withhold or make a deduction from your security deposit if he or she discovers that you have destroyed or defaced something. It is important to note that the repair costs you are likely to incur as a result of your own initiative to restore the premises and contents to their original state are negligible compared to the likely deductions by landlords or complete loss of your security deposit.

Take time to ensure that the rental property is meticulously cleaned after removing your belongings. It is advisable to hire professional cleaners for the job because they are usually scrupulous in what they do.

Don’t leave items in the property when moving out because a landlord or letting agent will deduct costs associated with disposing them from your security deposits. Any installed appliances or devices should also be taken out in this regard.

It is advisable to inform your landlord of your next address. In addition to being courteous when you do this, you also provide your landlord with an address where they will send your security deposit or what is left of it.